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‘OJ’ 3 Blade Propellers – The Best Choice for Your Wake /Ski-Boat

‘SKIPRO’ Series – The Best of Speed & Pulling Power.
  • The SkiPro Propellers boast an enhanced pitch distribution along with a new blade shape that produces better top end and low-end power. Providing the best of speed and pulling power, the SkiPro outruns and over-powers the competition.
  • Enhanced Pitch Distribution – New Blade Shape – Better Top End and Low-End Power
    ** Unsure Of Which Propeller Is the Correct One for Your Boat, check out the PROPELLER GUIDES directly from the Manufacturers’ website.
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Weight N/A
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Shaft Size

1.1/8" SAE Taper

Select Size

12"x 13"P, 13"x 11"P, 13"x 11.5"P, 13"x 12"P, 13"x 12.5"P, 13"x 13"P, 13"x 14"P, 13"x 15"P, 13.4"x 10"P, 14"x 13"P, 14"x 14"P, 14"x 16"P, 14"x 18"P


OJ Wake/Ski-Boat – 3 Blade ‘Skipro’